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Zuri's Balancing Scalp Treatment ($60)

This treatment is customized for anyone suffering from dry, itching scalp and overall loss of radiance to hair. The natural oil product is unique in that it actually replaces the natural oils that we lose due to age, environmental stress, and weather and can be used from head to toe and ever where else. This 30 minute scalp treatment will boost/stimulate circulation leaving you feeling rejuvenated and overall floating on cloud nine. “Not bad for headaches either.”

Zuri's Baking Soda Exfoliating Treatment *Please inquire ($125)

These Pure Baking Soda particles exfoliate gently as its properties cleanse, balance and neutralize your entire body.  Followed by an application of aroma oil or lotion to leave you feeling rejuvenated and replenished… Note: Gentle enough to use on the Face.

Zuri's Natural Purifying Back Facial Treatment ($120)

Deep-cleansing Back facial, much like a facial for face. includes skin analysis, cleansing, steam, exfoliation with therapeutic body scrub, extraction for removal of impurities, followed by green tea therapeutic detoxing mask ending with soothing stress re-leaving mass incorporating a moisturizer for your specific skin type, leaving skin feeling clean and invigorated, and radiant.

Self-Tanning (w/wo products) ($100/$125)

This safe yet affective way of gaining a natural looking tan free of the harmful rays of prolonged outdoor sun bating or sun-bed (machine) tanning using products provided by the Spa or one of your own choosing. and “NO” they don’t turn you “Orange.” Please inquire.

Zuri's Silky Smooth- Puriying Mineral Wrap *Please inquire ($125)

The body is enveloped in rich crème mud to eliminate impurities and replace minerals. Enhances cell turnover and texture for total skin rejuvenation.

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