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Zuri's Pro Clear Face

Zuri's Pro Eye Flash Skin Treatment (20 minutes - $30)

Powerful treatment that helps tone, smooth and brighten the eye contour through intense, botanical actives.

Warm Hydrating Mask ($30)

Designed specifically for the mature/dehydrated skin of anyone one whom has had loss of hydration, change in hormones or drastic environmental conditions…

Collagen Mask/Ampoule ($30)

Anti-aging treatments such as Vit. C facials, Purifying facial, Signature facial, etc.
Ampoule’s will take any facial to the next level of skin care and Collagen speaks for itself.

Purifying Clay/Mineral Mask ($30)

They can be customized to fit any skin situation. e.g sensitive, oily, black/white head driven pores.

Zuri's Pro Clear Body

Zuri's Balancing Scalp Treatment ($60)

customized for anyone suffering from dry, itching scalp and overall loss of radiance to hair.

Zuri's Natural Purifying Back Facial Treatment ($125)

Deep-cleansing Back facial, much like a facial for face.

Zuri's Silky Smooth- Puriying Mineral Wrap ($125)

The body is enveloped in rich crème mud to eliminate impurities and replace minerals, for total skin rejuvenation.

Zuri's Self-Tanning (with or without products) ($100/$125)

This safe yet affective way of gaining a natural looking tan free of the harmful rays of prolonged outdoor sun bathing or sun-bed (machine) tanning.

Zuri's Baking Soda Exfoliating Treatment ($125)

These Pure Baking Soda particles exfoliate gently as its properties cleanse, balance and neutralize your entire body.

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